The Wonders Down Below

One hot, mucky day, there were four scuba divers: Diego, Jen, Bob, and Zoe.

It was time for them to go on a deep sea adventure. All four were sitting on a boat and then they dove into the water. The sea had fish and amazing coral reefs. They were swimming deep down in the water when a long, dark figure darted past them. They all began to worry when right then something rushed by their backs. Something dark flew by them!

They looked around themselves and saw bubbles that were made by something large and fast. They now were swimming as fast as they could to the top of water when something grabbed Jen and Bob. Diego and Zoe couldn’t leave their fellow friends behind, so trembling with fear, they rushed after the creature. The creature was too fast to catch but since it was fast they followed the bubbles it had left behind. The bubbles were in a weird zig zag lines. They followed the bubbles to a broken down submarine.

They started searching when something broke through a wall and into the next room. They rushed into the room and saw bodies covered in slime. The people in there looked living but also very hot which meant in any minute they would go crazy because of how hot it was. They were searching around more when a giant squid took Zoe to a throne covered in jewels and rare shark teeth. The squid had one eye. Diego got another view of it and saw the other eye was gone! The squid was also purple with little spikes coming out of its head.

“Zoe!” screamed Diego. Zoe’s screaming made Diego terrified because Zoe had been his crush for a long time. Suddenly the throne turned around revealing...JACK! Jack was his enemy because they had both fought for Zoe but now Jack had a perfect plan that he captured Zoe and was going to win. Diego was raging with anger when he grabbed his laser and shot it at a button that apparently let the people covered in slime out. All the people fell out including Jen and Bob who came to help. They took down the squid and Jen laser cuffed Jack. They helped the people under the water out and took Jack to jail.

They finally could go home and relax. All of them were tired and hungry. Diego would go home and play games and eat pizza. Jen would go home and watch TV. Bob would go home and play soccer. Zoe would go home and play with her dog.

The End

From the 826CHI Student Publication: The Moon Wrote a Song

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