Tomato Wars

It was October 31st, Halloween at Jonathan Burr Elementary School. For the third time this week we had tomatoes for lunch. This upset David so he threw a tomato at the lunch lady. What kind of tomato? A big, red, ½ cooked and ½ raw one.

The lunch lady said, “Who threw that?”

David threw another one at the lunch lady, and she threw one back at David. He threw one at the lunch lady and then the principal walked in.

David threw one at him and said, “Why are you telling the lunch ladies to make tomatoes?”

What’s the answer?

“Because they are healthy.” He threw another one, and then he grabbed one and threw it at David.

The tomatoes came to life and David said, “What?”

And what did the tomatoes say?

“Yo, what up I gonna eat you!” And the tomatoes ate everyone, because they were vampire tomatoes.

The End

From the 826CHI Student Publication: Paw Prints in the Mud, Huellas de garras en el lodo

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