Where I'm From

I am from my mother's womb

to the family by my side.

I am from the music that fills my soul

and the travels to the states I love to go-

Texas, Florida, Arizona and much more.

If you just look, you can find the beauty in colors everywhere.

Colors are all around you

They fill you with joy

or make you cry.

I am from the mean and the kind

without these things life would be such a bore.

I am from the bulls that roam wild,

and the Velascos, the flying birds, ravens and crows.

From the yummy mole and pozole

to all the other delicious Mexican food.

I am from my home, warm and comforting

to the nature that fills my home.

The pink desert flower in

a painted pot is

as tough as

a mighty rock.

I am from near and far, small and wide.

From the 826CHI Student Publication: But I Am Myself, And I Am Perfect For It

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