I am from wonder
From gardens and parks
I am from the land
of skyscrapers spiraling up into the sky
and the land of Chicago hot dogs
The starlit evenings catching fireflies after dinner
I am from the city nights
with the tall glass buildings that light them up

I’m from going sledding
with hot chocolate and marshmallows afterward
and road trips
in which we always stop for frozen custard
From my grandma cooking Christmas dinner at her house
and my brother telling me to hurry up or we’ll be late
I’m from watching snow fall in front of the streetlight
through my bedroom window at night
and snuggling in blankets with hot cocoa

From watching autumn leaves fall from the branches
I’m from “You can’t bring all those rocks
home from the beach” and “Look before you
cross the street” and climbing the tree in front
of my house after lunch
I’m from the house I’ve lived in since I was born
From getting ice cream when we go to the beach every summer
and jumping in the pile of leaves I just raked

From banana bread with chocolate chips
and spaghetti with meatballs
From helping my dad make pancakes on Saturday mornings
who works most of the day but is always home for dinner
I’m from waking up early on Christmas
but my brother still waking up before me

I am from these moments of peace
and the land I live in,the places I have traveled to
and places I wish to go, like
Hawaii, where my parents went on their honeymoon
or the Caribbean, where the water is clear
and the brightly colored fish swim happily

From the 826CHI Student Publication: Eat Your Words

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