August 26, 2022

Finger Paintings by Isabela H. x Demo Duck

We are so incredibly excited to present to you our latest Demo Duck collaboration, a beautiful animation of 826CHI Teen Writers Studio student Isabela H's poem Finger Paintings!

Featuring a voice over from Isabela herself, we are so thrilled to see Isabela's voice and poem brought to life through this beautiful animation. Thank you to the team at Demo Duck for supporting the work that we do, and the stories of our community! Enjoy and watch here, and read the full piece below!

Finger Paintings

by Isabela H.

from Rising Shadows

i want nothing more than to rinse my hands in childhood

so that when i look at them again

my fingers are covered with paint and my palms are scraped

i dipped my world in primary colors

where the sky was the deepest blue and the grass was never dead

i want to draw on the walls again

where every inch of blank space was another canvas for me

i want to close my eyes so that when i open them again

i’m back in that sunny room i grew up in

there was a crystal hanging from the window that reflected

rainbows across the room

the colors don’t shine as brightly anymore

but on some nights i dream of that room and the colors

look just as vivid as they did then

i want to run barefoot through the grass

dirt between my toes

stains on my knees

i want to float again like how i did then

before my shoulders grew sore from long years


and i would like to dance the way that i danced before

i cared who was watching me