May 2, 2023

Pre-Order Our Newest Student Publications!

We are incredibly excited to announce the release of our newest student publications! All available for pre-order below!

The Things That Give Us Butterflies (After-School Writing Lab)

In The Things That Give Us Butterflies students from 826CHI's After-School Writing Lab explore the theme "Big Feelings." These young writers create worlds around imagined characters and their personal experiences.

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El Chiquito Big Book (Young Author Book Project)

The students of Pickard Elementary spent their year with 826CHI exploring poetic forms, experimenting with language and finding ways to wrap words around the world that go beyond what is typical taught in schools. Some poems are small. Some poems are large. Some are set in the future. And some are living deeply in the now.

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All the Beauty it Brings (Teen Writers Studio)

“Reality is messy, but being present in it is what makes us human,” is written in the student foreword. All the Beauty It Brings unites teen writers across Chicago to examine their humanity. Through sharing stories these writers connect with one another in a meaningful way and take the steps needed to truly understand themselves.

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