July 1, 2022

Student Publications Available for Pre-Order Now!

We are so excited to announce the release of our student’s latest publications, including Tomorrow's Titans: Poetry to Grow a New Future from Young Author Book Project students at Chicago Math & Science Academy, It Went to the Moon from 826CHI's After-School Writing Lab students, and Archives of My Memory from Teen Writers Studio students.  

Publications can be ordered through our Secret Agent Supply Co. Store in person at 1276 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60622 or online at www.secretagentsupply.com, with 100% of proceeds going back into our tuition-free programming serving Chicago communities most disinvested from high quality arts and literacy-based programming.


Tomorrow's Titans: Poetry to Grow a New Future

Tomorrow's Titans: Poetry to Grow a New Future is a collection of poetry and creative writing from 6th graders at Chicago Math & Science Academy. The young poets engaged their imaginations to dream of new worlds, reflect on this one that we all share and deepen their understanding of themselves, each other and what it means to write.

"Their words take on the form of rooms, of faces, of great graphite clouds on their notebook pages. I clearly heard the call: “Come on, let’s be free. We can do it, let’s be free.” I did my best to follow."

- Benji Hart, forward writer of Tomorrow's Titans: Poetry to Grow a New Future

"You realize you are FREE."

- Hassan A., Tomorrow’s Titans: Poetry to Grow a New Future

It Went to the Moon

It Went to the Moon is a bilingual chapbook featuring writing exploring character, dialogue, and theater from the students of 826CHI’s After School Writing Lab.

"We are grateful for the joy of these students, their ambition, their bravery to be themselves in a world that has continuously closed in and opened back up. These voices and these worlds have expanded and revolutionized all on their own, on their time, and we are so lucky to be a witness."

- Asia Calcagno, forward writer of It Went to the Moon and Director of Programs at 826CHI

“The moon lives a lonely life.”

- Denise R., It Went to the Moon

Archives of My Memory

Archives of My Memory is a collection of poetry and creative writing from grade students of 826CHI’s Teen Writers Studio. Join these writers as they mine the archives of their memories. Teen writers from across Chicago reflect on the concept of “grim fantasy,” derived from Octavia Butler’s Kindred. Through their experiences, imaginations, dreams, and knowledge these writers create a multi-genre lens to view their realities.

“I could see it in the way you moved—like someone who had borne the weight of the universe and survived it all.”

- Natalie, Archives of My Memory

“The source is unknown, but what if I’m the source?”

- Genesis, Archives of My Memory

All publications can be pre-ordered online at our store!